Thursday, 12 January 2012

Better Sriendship

Friendship is a great asset. A friend is some one who takes care of you during your bad times. He walks with you when the whole world walks against you. Good friends will always help you through your rough and tough. Here are some tips to maintain great friendship:

1) Remain committed to your friend- Show commitment to your friend. Whatever the condition your friend is in, you should be there with him. It means that you need to be with your friend in happier times and the bleaker times as well. If you are just there for the better period then obviously you are not a worthy of good friendship. You should respect the commitment which you make to your friend.

2) Be honest to your friend- Honesty is a great virtue. A relationship can be sustained on virtues like honesty and integrity. Remain honest to your friend.

3)  Keep in touch with your friend- Be in touch with your friend. It often happens that we do not remember our friends for months. It is important that we call them regularly. We should spend some time with them occasionally. We should share our better and worse with our friends. This is the way to enjoy the fruits of friendships.

4) Accept your mistakes- Always be humble enough to accept your faults. Every body makes mistakes but once you realise that you have made a mistake then be quick enough to admit that you have made a mistake. Be ready to say sorry. This simple word helps in setting the things in perfect order.

5) Invite your friends- Do not forget to invite your friends on special occasions like birthday party or any other sort of gathering. These activities strengthen friendship. You also share some of the best moments of your life with your friends in this way. Therefore enjoy your special things in life with your friends

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