Friday, 12 November 2010

Great Friendship Fun

When you decide to have close friends in your life, you are looking for many things. Apart from the all important social support and love, you are looking for friendship fun; which is very essential in a relationship. Friendship fun is about enjoying everyday life and ensuring that you open your mind to all forms of excitement together with your dear friends. If you have friends who are not fun, chances are that you are just like them. You need to inject some life into your relationship and make sure that you are enjoying yourself. The following are tips for great fun that will see your mundane relationships transformed into adventurous and fun ones. First, it is probably wise to consider whether you have friends who are just like you. Friends should compliment you so that you can find different things that you can enjoy together. You do not have to have friends who are predictable. You can easily have a variety of friends who are really in the relationship for a mutual reason. The bottom line is that your friends need to respect you and appreciate you.

You need also to return this friendship by being a real good friend. In other words, you cannot have real fun with people who are not really your friends. Once you are sure about your friends, come up with different suggestions of fun things to do. Friendship fun mainly comes from the variety of suggestions that are brought forth by the comrades. There are things you have never tried and before you give it a second thought, you need to be positive. In other words, you need to have an open mind. For example, there are friends who really like to swim while others cannot swim. You do not have to risk your life but, you can take the first step to learn how to swim with your friends. Friendship fun is about safety. You should not go swimming when there is no instructor present to guide you; there is no fun that can be based on risk. Fun is pure and comes naturally. Sports make for great fun activities among friends. Let you friends talk you into playing games you have never tried. At the end of the day, it is not about what game you play but, the fun you have with your friends.

Friendship fun can also be in form of parties. I know of a group of friends who organize monthly parties where they visit their houses in turns during the night for a party. You can organize the night outs in many fun venues. With this, you will get to have confidence and do things that are fun and exciting. Many times, friends do get carried away but, having responsible fun will protect you. You can also organize for craft parties where you come together to be creative. Life is full of so many options and you can never fully exploit half of the possibilities. Therefore, it is a high time you thought of planning for fun activities that you can have with your dear friends.

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